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Industries & Commerce Department has been playing an important role in running the economic wheel of the province.  Realizing the importance of industries  this department has taken all  out efforts to solve the problems of industrialists. Industrial friendly policies have made it possible to have better relations with the industrialists who in turn have invested  in many industries.  This Department has following four attached offices:

1. Directorate of Industries

2. Sindh  Government Press

3. Sindh Industrial Trading  Estate Limited.

4. Sindh Small Industries Corporation

Industries & Commerce Department has provided Rs. 1000 Million to four companies viz  Korangi Industrial Trading  Estate (KITE), Landhi Industrial Trading Estate (LITE), F.B Area Industrial Trading Estate (FITE),  & North Karachi Industrial Trading Estate (NITE) Development and Management companies  for improvement of infrastructure  of their industrial areas.

Through Sindh Small Industries Corporation the Department has recently provided  plots for small & medium  size industries. More land is being taken from the Government to establish new industrial areas.


The rapid development of a Knowledge-based Society is vital to the success and progress of the province.


To promote Industrial growth of the province for betterment of the Economy of the Province and Country.


Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Industries & Commerce Website is under construction

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